Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Duck, Duck, Goose!

The most tenacious creatures we have in our yard are the Canada geese.  

They are here in the summer.

They are here in the fall.

They are here in the winter.

They are here in the spring.

The only time they leave is when the pond is iced over.

They will fly right over our heads when on approach to the pond and when exiting the pond.

Right before dark, they fly east to spend on the night on the local lake.

In the morning, they return.

It is interesting to watch a goose fight.

The geese like to stand on top of our house and garage, then honk until they are honked out.

They like to walk down the driveway, then walk up the sidewalk towards the stoplight.

They will not hurry if they are standing in the driveway and you are attempting to drive on the driveway.

They leave green squishy goose droppings everywhere.

One pair of geese has had their nest on top of the neighbor's porch overhang for the last two years.

They will chase you if you get too close to their young.

There was once a goose that we called War Goose.  He would not let anyone cross the bridge to the other side of the pond, unless you carried a really big stick and even then you never turned your back.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Playing in the Rain

We had a nice rain shower earlier.  
The kiddos enjoyed playing in it. 
This is what summer is about!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer Is Almost Over

Summer is almost over!  School is just around the corner.

We have the kids school supplies.  We had separate shopping trips for each child.  I have a laundry basket that is overfilled with all of their goodies.  Pumpkin was the easy one this year and we zipped through three stores pretty fast.  Princess on the other hand took at least 20 minutes to decide on each item that was on her school supply list.  I thought that the shopping trip would NEVER end.  Ha ha ha!   

Pumpkin will be going into the second grade and Princess will be starting kindergarten.  Thankful that both kids will be at the same location! We get to met the teachers with the kids this coming week, then school starts on August 18.  I think that they are both excited.  Hubby and I got a chance to met with the principal and Pumpkin's teacher to get game plan started.  We have a really good feeling about this school year and are so thankful that the staff is supportive and flexible. 

We finished our summer care Friday.  It was truly a blessing!  The kids got to play outside most of the summer.  They even got the opportunity to take swim lessons.  Pumpkin got extra help strengthening his math and reading skills.  This coming week the kids get to hang out with me at home.

Pumpkin lost his first two teeth ever on July 14.  We have yet to have a visit from the tooth fairy.  He is refusing to part with his teeth, since they contain his "memories."  So they are hidden away in his room so the tooth fairy cannot find them.  He got that train of thought from the movie "Rise of the Guardians."  His two "shark" teeth were almost fully in right behind the ones that fell out.  They are starting to shift forward now.

I am still hanging in there.  Life certainly has been rough this year, but I am still smiling.  I got released from my multiple doctors two Monday's ago.  Ten long weeks of uncertainty and just not feeling good at all.  So thankful that all of the testing and illness is gone.  Thanks be to God!  Unfortunately, I cannot say that it is the end of my health saga.  The next day I ended up with a stress fracture to my right foot.  I initially thought that it was a really bad foot cramp, but since the pain did not subside I saw the podiatrist.  So, I have a lovely black surgical shoe that I get to wear until I go back for another visit.  I think that the culprit might have been my house shoes.  I have been wearing them for about six years now.  I know, I know!  Shoes are not meant to be worn daily for that long.  I just could not bear to give them up.  I find that I have trouble getting rid of things that have sentimental value.  I bought them a few months before I had Princess and wore them in the hospital during our maternal stay.

For the upcoming week, we had planned to go to the state fair, have a garage sale, and take a few local day trips.  But since I injured my driving foot, we are going to have to stay local unless someone else does the driving and I cannot be standing for hours at a time.  I probably should not be lugging stuff over to grandma's house for a garage sale either.  I have decided that I will use my heavy duty walking boot (from my plantar fasciitis stint in 2009), when it comes to going to school for registration day.  The last thing I need is for someone to step on my injured hoof.  Funny thing is that I can move faster in the boot, than in the shoe.  Ha ha ha!

Well life is never boring around here!  Hopefully I stay a little more up to date with this little blog as we venture into the fall.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Count Your Blessings

"Count your blessings!  Name them one by one!"

I have a wonderful, supportive husband! Yay!

I have two quirky, lovable children! Yay!

After eight weeks of the unknown, I have found out that I do not have cancer! Yay!

I have had a chance to take some cool nature photography! Yay!

I have some really awesome friends that have offered  encouragement and advice! Yay!

After seven weeks, my very first bladder infection is finally gone! Yay!

We have an official diagnosis for Pumpkin! Yay!

I have some amazing prayer warriors that have been keeping my family and I in their prayers! Yay!

I treasure the words of encouragement and support from my school teacher cousin, nearby mother-in-law, and nearby sister-in-law.

We were fortunate to have a friend sell us a relatively new iPad mini for Pumpkin! Yay!

Over seven weeks, my ovarian cyst has gone from the size of a lemon to completely disappeared! Yay!

I am thankful for my faith in God!  Yay!

I am not quite there yet, but I finally starting to feel half-way normal again! Yay!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

A is for . . .

A is for Absorb.  Pumpkin absorbs information and uses it at the most interesting times.

A is for Actually.  Pumpkin loves to say "actually."

A is for ADHD.  Pumpkin has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder difference.

A is for Adventurous.  Pumpkin is adventurous and loves to climb trees.

A is for Allergy.  Pumpkin has an allergy to cats.

A is for Amazing.  Pumpkin is amazing at building and creating.

A is for Apples.  Pumpkin loves apples with peanut butter.

A is for Attention.  Pumpkin may not pay attention, but he is a very loving child.

A is for Atypical.  Pumpkin is atypical, he marches to the beat of his own drum.

A is for Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Pumpkin has autism spectrum disorder difference, the high functioning kind. 

Pumpkin is just Pumpkin.  He is our son.  He is a child just like every other child out there.  He is curious, full of love, and adventurous.  He just learns a little differently than the next.  I do not appreciate the audacity of those that think he does not fit into the ADHD or autism classifications because he does not fit into the neat little box of someone's ideals.  I do not appreciate being told that I am wasting my time and money trying to help my son.  Every child is different, no child fits within a particular mold whether they are a typical or a atypical child. Every child deserves the right to excel in all aspects of life.  It might be harder for some children than others, but every parent wants that for their child.  

Now that we have an official diagnosis, we will move forward.  We will learn ways to help Pumpkin excel.  We will learn ways to help us a family navigate through these new uncharted waters.  We will modify and adapt as we do with each twist and turn of life.

What I know as a mother about Pumpkin:

1) He takes things literally.  I once got flustered while overseeing homework and made the mistake of saying "I'm just going to jump off a bridge."  Pumpkin burst into tears and then I spent the next thirty minutes explaining that it was a saying and that I really would not jump off a bridge.  

2) He is impulsive and cannot always control what he does.  This is a hard one for us parents.  We go over the rules, we have him repeat the rules, we give consequences for breaking the rules and still he cannot conform.  He knows that he should not have done the action afterwards, but has not mastered the ability to control himself.  This is not due to a lack of discipline.  This is not due to the lack of parent attention.  Pumpkin learns different, thereby we must modify to teach him differently.  So if my son upsets a fellow child, I ask my son why he thinks the other child might be upset, then ask him how he might feel in that child's place.  It is not a lack of punishment, it is simply trying to teach my child empathy for his fellow peers.  He has to understand that his actions affect others to help him understand that the action was wrong.  He still gets in trouble and has a time out on my lap, but to change he has to understand and see why his actions were wrong. 

3) He does not fully understand social boundaries and etiquette.  He constantly gets in trouble at school and most are repetitive offenses.  He does not seem to grasp what is appropriate and it does not help that sometimes his peers egg him on.  Since he has trouble being the "perfect" child, occasionally his peers use him as the fall guy when mischief occurs.  I am sure that he does his fair share of the mischief, but there are times that I have chatted with him after school and the story he tells is quite different than the note that was sent home.  He has trouble keeping his hands to himself and he has trouble not saying "funny" inappropriate words (like bathroom words).  If a peer says "hi" or "bye", he is absolutely oblivious.  Instead of shaking hands at church, he likes to hide behind or under the church pew.  He prefers to avoid eye contact, especially with people that he does not know.

Parents of an atypical child see things a lot differently than others on the outside.  We do not try to make excuses for our children.  Every child in this world is unique and special.  Every child has a different way to learn and not every child is capable of conforming to a single style of learning.  Parents also do not want to overhear disheartening things about their child.   

A person would definitely need to walk a mile in our shoes to even begin to understand Pumpkin.  He looks like a normal child.  Sometimes he even acts like a normal child.  He has good days.  And he has bad days.  He is our Pumpkin and we love him.