Monday, July 6, 2015

Where Does Time Fly

Five month. . . Wow! I had no idea. It has been crazy around here. 

Being a parent at times is quite the chore and sometimes does not leave any extra time to unwind or blog. 

I am glad that the summer is here, but not looking forward to the upcoming school year. Homework was my nemesis last school year! I loved school growing up, but having a child that fights doing homework every step of the way is quite stressful. Maybe this coming year, it will get easier. At least a girl can dream!

Part of the reason, I have not blogged lately is we sorely need to update our computer. We bought it before Pumpkin was born, so I am sure that it is considered a dinosaur by this point. Windows XP is no longer support. Eventually we need to break down and update our dinosaur. I do have to say that it is much better than my first computer which was the dreaded Windows Me (purchased during grad school). 

Well since I am under the weather, I need to catch a few zzz's. Hope to post some pictures soon.