Friday, February 28, 2014


This is the last day of February but it has gone on and on and on and on.  Besides ice storms, snow storms, and tornado warnings, we have had quite a bit of sickness.  I am the latest victim.  I want spring to get here soon!

Princess was sick for almost two weeks straight at the end of January and beginning of February.  She had the stomach flu, then a few days later had a 102 fever for four days with an infection in her eye.  The doctor put her on both antibiotic and medicated eye drops.  Then a week later Pumpkin had a 102 fever for three days ant the infection in his eye.  Once again he was on antibiotic and medicated eye drops.  Then one week later, do you see where I am going with this?  Yep, me.  

It started out with ear pain on Sunday, then progressed to a sore throat by Monday evening, then a bit of a stuffy nose on Tuesday.  I broke down and went to the doctor yesterday since it was painful to swallow, drink water, and eat.  The round about diagnosis is pharyngitis, since they are not 100% sure what is going on.  I have a very hoarse voice, so I technically have laryngitis too.  And I have a possible abscess on one of my tonsils.  What my tonsils?  I had my tonsils taken out during graduate school after having strep throat fourteen times in two years.  By the way, I do not recommend having your tonsils out as an adult.  Granted it is great way to lose weight but it took me a month to recover.  Anyway, I had the impression that tonsils do not come back but apparently I am wrong on that matter.  So I am currently on two antibacterial medications, a probiotic, and over the counter pain medicines.  I also have to eat soft foods and push fluids until I return to the doctor on Monday afternoon.  I was also given directions on when I should go to the emergency room.  They were nice enough to call and check on me this afternoon to see how I was doing.  It is still painful to swallow and eat, but hopefully once the medications really kick in I will start to feel better.  

I have basically crashed the last two evenings and have barely made it off the couch.  I seem to have more energy during the daylight hours.  Hubby has been helpful, but I have to watch what he gives me.  I did not mind the orange juice with Emergen-C (although it did burn my throat).  He gave me a teaspoon of honey which is not bad at all, but I think he laced it with garlic powder.  Eew!  And I had requested a bowl of cream of chicken soup.  I thought the sodium would help my throat, but he modified it with two chopped cloves of crunchy garlic. I like garlic, but yuck in the cream of chicken soup!  It took a while but I down the bowl.  I am going to hide the cream of chicken soup until I am well.  And, he attempted to get me to down a teaspoon of white vinegar.  I refused to drink the liquid fire.  My throat is already raw and feels like razor blades when I swallow, I definitely do not need to add to the pain.  I am glad that he is so well intentioned but he is very stealthy with his attempts. I am sure that I will be laughing about this one of these days.

The kids have seem to notice that I am sick.  Pumpkin has been more helpful and affectionate.  Princess has been more a terror to her daddy.  Both kids snuck into my bed last night to sleep with me to help me feel better.  Hubby spend his fourth night on the couch last night, apparently I sleep too loudly when I am sick.  

So we have gone through the whole family.  Except, except. . . . Hubby has yet to get sick.  If we keep with the current pattern he should start having problems starting around March 10.  Should be interesting to see if my prediction is right.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Cabin Fever

February is suppose to be the shortest month, but this month is seeming to last FOREVER.  Winter is nice.  We need winter so nature can rest before all of the beautiful colors burst forth.  I usually do not mind it much, but this winter.  There are just no words for it.  It could be the cabin fever talking by now.  

I dream of going outside wearing shorts and t-shirts.  I dream of the prairie sway in the warm breeze.  I dream of spring time irises and jack-in-the pulpit.  I dream of burgers on the grill.  I look forward to visiting the zoo and chasing butterflies.  I look forward to walking around the pond and watching lightening bugs.  I look forward to warmer temperatures.  

Instead . . . we have had snow.  We have had three weeks of sickness and high fevers.  We have had two days of sick homework to make up for Pumpkin.  Oh boy!  Homework is always a battle.  Today, we have freezing rain and snow.  As the ice thickens outside the odds are increasing that we will lose power before day is out.  

Ice is the part of winter that I like the least.  Ice causes broken toes.  Ice causes broken trees.  Ice causes explosions as power lines fall.  Ice causes sirens to sound.  Ice causes those blasted sweet gum balls to fall.  Did you know that they sound like rocks hitting the house?  

Ice brings back memories of the ice storm seven years ago.  The ice storm that left at least 80% without power.  The ice storm that splintered the power pole that supplied electricity to our house and our neighbor's.  That pole crashed into the ground just feet from our bedroom, spilling the contents of the transformer container into the ground.  The ice storm that sent electrical workers from across the United States and Canada to our area to fix the damage.  I would see convoys of 10 to15 power trucks at a time traveling along the roads in our area.  The ice storm that send the National Guard from door to door to check on the welfare of others.  The ice storm that took months and months to clean up.  The ice storm that still gives me nightmares.  I hope and that pray that this storm is not to that magnitude. 

Here are some pictures from that storm:

We have been listening to the tinking of the ice crystals against the windows today.  We have heard limbs breaking and crashing today.  We have watched the ice grow thicker and thicker today.  The streets are flooding with the freezing rain because the storm drains are plugged with ice and snow.  We have been listening to the sounds of ambulances and fire trucks.  It has been snowing for the last few hours.  That is sure to add extra excitement to the day.  I hope that we do not receive too much snow.  The weight of the snow may cause even more damage and destruction to the already ice covered trees and power lines.

In the midst of all that is going on, here are a few blessings.  Princess is fully recovered.  Pumpkin is on the mend.  Hubby and I have yet to succumb to any sickness that has plagued the family.  We have been enjoying playing a birthday gift game- Don't Break The Ice.  We have been warm and have not hungered this winter. Grandma has completed my long awaited quilt top.  Thank goodness for the gift of PBS and Downton Abbey.  Last but not least, I am very happy for the blessing of President's Day, so the kids and I did not need to travel in this icky weather.

Well I better go check on my two tornadoes.  Stay warm and safe! 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day

Oh the weather outside is frightful.
But the fire is so delightful.
And since we've no place to go.
Let it snow!  Let it snow!  Let it snow!

And snow it has!  I have heard anywhere from 8 to 10 inches of snow.  So, we had a snow day today!  

View from our garage door.
That dark blob between the two trees to the right is one of our yew bushes out near the road.  
Just past the bushy blob is the sidewalk then the roadway.

The kids spent the day playing and I spent about three hours shoveling snow.  Thankful, I had some help for our very long, long, long driveway.  A nice gentleman stopped to see if we needed the driveway plowed and I politely told him that I did not have any extra money to spend and thanked him for stopped by.  We have actually never splurged to have our driveway plowed.  I am sure that it would cost an arm and a leg since it has to be at least 100 feet in length if not more.  The nice gentleman decided to plow a path from the garage to the road for free.  What a wonderful blessing from God!  I made sure to note the business on the side of the truck, so hopefully in the future if we need a handyman he will be on the list to call.  Hubby finished shoveling after he got home from work this evening.  I have a feeling that I may have overdid it on the shoveling, so ibuprofen will most likely be my friend tomorrow.

Last night we made and sampled our first snow ice cream.  We filled a bowl with fresh snow.  Then mixed in white sugar, a touch of vanilla extract, and milk until it was the consistency of ice cream.  Hubby and I liked it.  Princess thought it was too cold and Pumpkin did not like it one bit.

Princess has been sick for over a week now.  She had the stomach flu early last week, then had a high fever for four days spreading over this past weekend.  We saw the pediatrician on Monday.  She is on antibiotics and eye drops.  Monday afternoon was the last of the fever.  Thankful, no one else has fallen to illness yet in the household.

We have had the kids birthdays spread in the mix since the last post.  I am reserving my comments on all of festivities until after we have their joint birthday party.  It does look promising for sledding though!